Top 7 Wholesome Anime

Here’s a comprehensive list of the top seven wholesome Anime. There are probably a bunch I missed – I’m sure of it. You can complain in the comments if I missed your favorite wholesome anime. I’ll watch it. Maybe.

There’s certain criteria that must be met for a show to be considered “Wholesome” –

  • Literally nothing happens, yet you want to watch more
  • The Animation is shiny
  • You have a backlog of actual shows yet you dedicate every waking hour watching it

7. Flying Witch



6. Sweetness & Lightning (Amaama to Inazuma)


5. Restaurant to Another World (Isekai Shokudou)


4. Barakamon


3. Usagi Drop


2. Is the order a rabbit? (Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?)



1. K-On!

I’m not biased. K-On! Is the best show ever.

Monster Musume Orchestra?

How in the hell does Monster Musume has a full orchestral piece written for it’s opening? Can you hear the tremolo of the strings come in the first second? The live flutes dancing around in between the singing of papi-chan and snake-lover?

I really want to meet the middle aged Japanese man in his three piece suit who approved the funding of this decadent piece of art. I can see him as speaks to his subordinates as they explain that they need to hire 70 professional musicians for their new anime that revolves around a couple of monster girls that happen to loose their close, lay eggs and a bunch of other things. Either way, good job salaryman. You’re my new hero.